ELS acquires the suretap™ wallet platform.

July 5, 2017, Toronto -- Empty Lot Software (“ELS”, “Empty Lot”) Inc., has acquired the suretap™ wallet platform.

The suretap™ wallet platform is a SIM-based near field communication mobile wallet solution. It was originally developed by Rogers and was launched commercially in November, 2013. Under a joint-venture of Bell, Rogers, and Telus, suretap™ was relaunched in mid-2015 and became available to all Canadian carrier customers.

Prior to suretap™ ceasing its commercial availability, it had more than 180,000 installs, credit cards, more than 30 big-brand gift cards, a loyalty partnership, and a transit ticketing pilot, in addition to a co-branded digital-only prepaid card program developed by suretap™.

Empty Lot has been working with financial institutions and credit unions such as AllTrans to develop and maintain improved transaction settlement and reconciliation processes.

“The suretap™ platform will enable us to extend our current product offering to our clients with a focus on the development and management of universal mobile and web customer loyalty programs. Suretap can integrate customer loyalty programs with any credit card or existing dedicated credit card program, and can be fully customized to the vendor’s specification. We continue to remain a B2B company, focused on providing innovative solutions to facilitate business’ daily operations and services to their customers.”

- ELS co-founder and CEO Timothy O’Hara


“As ELS was one of the original contractors hired to develop the suretap™ platform, they were involved in its development from its earliest. Their deep technical knowledge and understanding of the system makes ELS uniquely poised to further develop and commercialize the platform. We know suretap is in the best of hands and we too, are excited for its future.”

- Almis Ledas, President of suretap™ LP

About Empty Lot Software Inc.

Toronto-based Empty Lot Software (“ELS”, “Empty Lot”) Inc., was established in 2013 and are developers of ROME™, a software system to help large and small organizations manage databases, networks, and warehouse management systems.